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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Region's gas prices jump after partial refinery shutdown

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August 12:

Oil and gas industry watchers say pump prices have jumped across the Great Lakes region because of the unexpected, partial shutdown of a large Indiana oil refinery.

They say the increases could continue.

According to, the most affected states are Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois, but others are seeing increases.

Dearborn-based AAA Michigan, which surveys prices at 2,800 Michigan gas stations, said Wednesday the statewide average is about $2.58 a gallon. That's about 10 cents more than Tuesday's average. says some stations are flirting with the $3 mark.

The BP Whiting Refinery in northern Indiana shut down the largest of three crude distillation units Saturday for what the company calls "unscheduled repair work." BP says the rest of the refinery is operating at reduced production.

Gas prices typically head lower this time of year as refineries switch to cheaper winter blends.

Associated Press


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