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Monday, June 15, 2015

Solmatix Powers Queen’s University’s New Medical Research Facility

June 16:

Photograph of Solar PV Panels On QUB's Centre for Experimental Medicine
Solmatix Renewables has recently installed 250 roof mounted Solar PV panels on The Queen’s University of Belfast’s new £32m Centre for Experimental Medicine, at Belfast City Hospital. The new Centre will feature modern laboratories, with cutting edge, state-of-the-art equipment and resources, and is set to position Northern Ireland as a leader in medical research and education – not just within the UK, but globally.
The panels form one of the largest solar installations in Northern Ireland and can generate up to 62.5kWpk of electricity.  The system not only helps to power the high-impact medical research being performed within the Centre, but will significantly reduce the Centre’s dependence on mainstream electricity supply, with all of its inherent costs.  In addition, the system generates significant taxpayer funded, annual grant income, allowing more money to be spent on medical research and less on energy.
Solmatix Project Manager for the installation was Neville Bell, who says, “The whole focus of the Centre is to deliver quality, so it is a considerable accolade for Solmatix that we were selected to complete this Solar PV install. We were chosen not only on our ability to offer a fair price, but on our ability to deliver quality and technical prowess, supported by a proven track record of excellence in our work.


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