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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Power plants to replace mazut, diesel with natural gas as their main fuel

June 28:

Tehran, June 28, IRNA – Deputy Head of the Department of Environment (DoE) Saeed Motesadi said in Tehran on Sunday that natural gas needed for power plants all over the country, i.e. 160 million cubic meters, will be met by March 20, marking end of the current Iranian calendar year of 1394.

The DoE website quoted Motesadi as saying that of course, the peak of consumption by the power plants is the cold seasons and now they do not need much fuels.

He said on this basis, power plants all over the country will run with natural gas rather than mazut and diesel throughout the year.

He said 80 million cubic meters of natural gas replaced 110 million cubic meters of mazut as power plants' fuel in 1393.

Meanwhile, Managing Director of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC), Abbas Kazemi, said recently that Natural gas will gradually replace mazut and gasoil as the main fuel of power plants.

Kazemi said that the company has put into force a plan which aims either to halt delivery of mazut and gasoil to power plants completely or reduce their delivery to the lowest level.

According to Kazemi, production of natural gas is expected to rise by 200 mcm/d; bulk of them will replace mazut and gasoil as the main fuel of power plants.

“Under the Article 25 of reforming energy consumption law, power plants have been tasked with reducing their mazut consumption to less than 10 percent which means they have to reduce their mazut intake by at least 2 percent each year and halt its consumption by 2025,” NIORDC managing director said.

NIORDC will pursue replacement of mazut and gasoil as the fuel of power plants very seriously, Kazemi concluded.


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