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Friday, June 26, 2015

Oil From Santa Barbara Spill Spread To Redondo Beach, As Far South As San Clemente

June 26:

(Photo credit: Margaret Carrero)

LOS ANGELES ( — Oil from a Santa Barbara ruptured pipeline spread more than 100 miles to several Southland beaches, according to a report released Friday.
Plains All American Pipeline, which owns the pipeline that ruptured May 19, said the oil from its pipeline was found as far away as Redondo Beach, and as far south as San Clemente Beach in Orange County.
The company and state officials said earlier in the week that oil from the spill had reached Manhattan Beach, two miles north of Redondo.
However, Plains researchers now say lab results from tar balls collected at Manhattan Beach on May 27 showed that a mix of oil from the Line 901 spill and “natural seeps” contributed to tar balls along the beach.
Federal regulators and prosecutors are investigating the spill of up to 101,000 gallons of crude oil along the scenic shore.
The reports confirm suspicions that the pipe was the source of tar that washed ashore in Los Angeles about a week after the spill.
The company says some of the tar came from other sources, such as natural seeps from the ocean floor.
Authorities on Friday reopened El Capitan State Beach, one of the beaches that had been initially closed due to the spill.


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