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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Maltese cruise ship collides with tanker near Turkey

June 27:

The Marine Safety Investigation Unit is informed that all the 853 passengers on board the Celestyal Crystal are safe and in good health. 

The Maltese registered passenger ship Celestyal Crystal has collided with a Marshall Islands registered oil tanker off the coast of Gallipoli, Turkey.

The ship was on a cruise from Lavrio to Istanbul with 853 passengers on board when it collided with the STI Pimlico at about 3:26pm in the North exit of the Dardanelles Strait Traffic Separation Scheme. Both ships reported structural damage and initial reports indicate that the STI Pimlico has reported a breach in one of her cargo tanks with some oil seeping into the water.

However, the Marine Safety Investigation Unit is informed that the passengers on the Maltese ship and the crew members on board both ships are safe and in good health.

Transport Malta said in a statement that, since Saturday early morning, officials from the Marine Safety Investigation Unit and the Merchant Shipping Directorate have been in constant contact with the International Safety Managers of the passenger ship and the flag State Administration of the Marshall Islands.  As part of the safety investigation being conducted by the Marine Safety Investigation Unit, a safety investigator will be deployed to investigate the accident.



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