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Thursday, May 28, 2015

GE to test electrical conversion system for Paimpol- Bréhat tidal power project

May 28:

GE Power Conversion is preparing to install an electrical conversion system for the Paimpol- Bréhat tidal power project of the coast of Brittany, France.
Scheduled to be commissioned by the end of this year, the Electricité de France (EDF)-led Paimpol-Bréhat tidal energy project will feature two OpenHydro-built 16m turbines to produce electricity by exploiting predictable power of ocean tides. The turbines will be connected to a common subsea converter.

The generated low voltage alternating current will be converted to HVDC using GE's MV3000 modules to provide 1MW of electricity, which will be transferred to onshore substation and feed into the electricity grid.

GE is responsible for the construction the onshore station and subsea converter with an option to be connected to two additional turbines.

GE Power Conversion project director Frédéric Navarro said: "While 1MW power output transmitted over 16km distance seems modest, GE's engineering design for this project sets the foundation for future applications with higher power and longer distance transmission."


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