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Friday, February 7, 2014

US coal loadings fall 2.5%, coke relatively flat at 0.1%: AAR

Feb. 6

Coal carloads in the US totaled 105,670, down 2.5% for the week ended February 1 compared with the same period in 2013, while car loadings for coke were basically flat, rising 0.1% to 3,625, according to data in the Association of American Railroads' weekly traffic report out Thursday.

Year to date, the dip in total US coal carloads was 0.5% to 536,146 compared with the same period last year, according to AAR. Year-to-date coke carloads fell 1.2% to 17,714.

Of the four largest railroads in the US, Union Pacific was the only to report carload increases for both coal and coke commodities. The Lincoln, Nebraska-based company reported a 6% increase in coal carloads to 32,701 for the week ended February 1 and a 6% increase year to date to 166,125 compared with this time last year. The company also noted its coke carloads, which include petroleum coke and coke from coal, rose 13% for the week to 503 and were up 7% year to date to 2,509.

CSX, based in Jacksonville, Florida, reported both coal and coke carloads decreased. For the week ended February 1, coal carloads dropped 5% to 19,146 and year to date it fell 5.6% to 95,973. Coke shipments fell 12.6% to 1,181 for the week and dropped 8.4% year to date to 5,891.

BNSF Railway's coal carloads rose 6.46% to 45,092 for the week while year-to-date carloads rose 7.36% compared with the same period last year. Coke car loadings fell 5.05% for the week ended February 1 to 508 but year-to-date coke loadings rose 8.73% to 2,753.

Norfolk Southern reported coal carloads down 21.7% to 19,935 for the week ended February 1 and down 17.3% to 100,945 year to date. Meanwhile, the Norfolk, Virginia-based company reported coke carloads fell 20.4% to 20,957 for the week and rose 5.6% to 4,870 year to date.

Coal carloads on Canadian railroads, which include US operations of Canadian National and Canadian Pacific, fell 3.5% to 9,242 for the week ended February 1 but year-to-date coal carloads showed a modest increase of 1.9%, to 41,647, according to AAR.


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